About Us

PT Timur Bahari was established in 2004. We are specialists in Dredging and Marine Engineering works. Our head office is located at Sudirman business area at Wisma Nugra Santana.

Since its Inauguration, our company has been participating in marine projects in Indonesia, often providing expert and customized solutions to our customers during project execution and establishing its distinctive trademark for being an efficient and reliable marine contractor.

 The scope of works performed by PT Timur Bahari includes :

  1. The dredging, construction of breakwater to piling works for port rehabilitation

  2. The dredging at harbors and fairways to facilitate smooth transportation network

  3. Environmental dredging and disposal of contaminated sediments

  4. The preparation of seabed for the laying of foundations such as modules, caissons and rocks for the erection of the offshore superstructure

  5. Breakwater and revetment construction work

PT Timur Bahari is solely supported by our associate company in Singapore, East Marine Pte Ltd, in terms of providing additional equipment needed for the project, technical expertise and expertise in project management together with our team of highly qualified engineers, surveyors, project managers and equipment operators who possess the relevant knowledge, skill and experience to ensure the daily operational efficiency and project completion without neglecting safety aspects.

This is coupled with the support of our team of experienced divers with the extending capabilities in salvage works, underwater welding and rigging.